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Windy Miller

Windy Miller has spent over 25 years in martial arts.  He has trained in various styles of Karate as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Judo & Kung Fu .

Windy holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jistu, Brown Belt in Judo and a 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate.  Windy is also a certified Law Enforcement S.P.E.A.R. Defensive Tactics Instructor (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response).

Unlike many Instructors with his level of experience, he still attends regular classes under other instructors and trains everyday.

Lee Catling

Lee Catling started training at the age of 8 in the art of Tang Soo Do under Master Loke, after 4years of training lee started training Wing Chun Kung Fu becoming a instructor for the UKWCKFA, needing competition Lee turned to boxing winning two titles Essex novice and the ABA title.

Lee started training in judo in 1992 gaining he’s black belt from Ron Meader in 2000, around this time Lee went to a seminar run by Braulio Estima and was hooked on the art ofBrazilian Jiujitsu . Training under Braulio Lee has become a black belt and head instructor of Gracie Barra Essex.

Now training and teaching full-time Lee is passing on he’s knowledge and passion for BJJ and MMA, training many local and international champions.

Jack Lister

Jack started training martial arts at age 12 with Muay Thai. At age 14 he started training Sambo. While at University he trained in Judo, earning a brown belt and representing his University on the men’s A team. In 2009, following a two year break from training due to wrist surgery and a back injury, he started training in BJJ.

Jack Trains at Blue Wave Martial Arts and holds a Purple belt in BJJ under Lee Catling.

Competition Record

2014 Subf15teen Win over Chris Short
2013 British Open Blue Middle Heavy Gold
2013 Manchester Open Blue Middle Heavy Gold, Absolute Gold
2013 Midlands Open Blue Middle Heavy Gold, Absolute Gold
2012 English Open Blue Middle Heavy Bronze, Absolute Silver
2012 GoToTheGround 4 Advanced Division -84kg Silver, Absolute Bronze
2012 British Open Blue Middleweight Bronze
2012 Welsh Open Blue Middleweight Bronze
2012 GoToTheGround 3 Advanced Division -84kg Bronze
2011 GoToTheGround Advanced Division -70kg Gold
2010 GoToTheGround 1 Advanced Division -65kg Silver
2010 Bournemouth Open Blue Featherweight Bronze

Amateur MMA 3-0-0

Jack is sponsored by Valor Fightwear